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Item Modeling [TUT] Empty

    Item Modeling [TUT]

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    Item Modeling [TUT] Empty Item Modeling [TUT]

    Post by Meow on Thu May 07, 2009 7:15 pm

    The Reason why im writing it is, that the most jsut do flat "Weapons"
    It sure is a way, but its not like the best thing.
    If u want real "pro" (dont like that word D: ) models of weapons than
    do it like every modeler does.

    All Models are Low Polys for Tutorial/Teaching.
    When you're getting better u can add more Details.
    Also the Textures are just for Tutorial/Teachning,
    so i dont do high end ownmade Textures.

    Stuff wich is Needed:
    - Blender:
    - Phyton:
    - Elu&Ani Im/Exporter:
    - Drawing Programms, like Photoshop
    - Time

    K, we Start Blender now.
    Once its done loading we Chose a Background Image.

    (Ive chosen a Cheese Cake Piece (its simple and good for beginning))

    Than switch to Edit mode and Change the view to Wireframe.

    Now we eraese all Vertics expect 1.
    With the remaining one we set the first vertic.
    But remember, we dont just trace it, the BG Image is just a referenc.

    Now we make sure that we are on the Front side, by pressing 1 on the Numpad.
    After that we Dupplicate the Vertec via shift d and drag it where we want it.
    Than select both and press f to create a Edge.

    Now dupplicate them and move it some blocks up.
    Select the other 2 Vertecs and press f to create a Face.

    Our 1st Side is done, now were goin to switch the view to Top with 7 (Numpad)
    Since we are just doing a piece of a cheesecake we need to make it triangle shaped.
    Select the 4 Vertecs and hit R for Rotate.
    Than rotate it until it gots your wanted ° 's.
    Dupplicate 2 them and move them left.

    Than Select the Lower upper left corner Vertec (top viewed) and the lower right upper right corner vertec, after selecting hit f to make the edge.
    Than great the face.
    Do this until u got 5 Faces (2 sides, 1 top, 1 bottom, 1 back)

    Switch to Textured Mode now and look at the faces.
    If they arent visible uve got to recalculate the inside/outside,
    select the face and press cntrl n, if it doesnt work use cntrl shift n.
    Make sure u cant see trough the piece.

    Now were done with the piece.
    But it would be awfull to drop the piece on the dirty floor, wich is why we make a plate Very Happy
    Its easy, Dupplicate a vertec and move it on a position.
    Than copy/dupplicate it again and make a square.
    Use 4 more vertecs rotatet in a 45°.
    Creat the edges & faces.

    Now Select all 8 Vertics of the Plate and Copy/Dupplicate them and but dem a little down (side view). Than create the edges&faces between.
    Also make sure that the faces are white in texture mode.

    We are almost done. Now but the plate under the cake piece.
    Now change the scene to scripting and choose for the right side UV Image Editor.

    Select the Faces selection tool than select all faces of our cake/plate and click on the right panel on image -> open. After that on the small
    arrow up and select the image.

    For now im using a selfmade, not the best i know.

    After that u want to know how to get the texture on the cake huh?
    Select the faces and press U and choose unwrap.
    Now it should looks like this:

    To apply it right select 1 face and drag the box on the right panel over
    the wanted area, do that with all visible faces.
    If u unwrap only certain faces that are visible from 1 side it gets easyer.

    Save the Blend file than export as an elu.
    To Export goto Object mode and Select all Models u want to export.
    For Items u can choose any script version, all are working.
    Now we are done, this is how it looks.

    When you got more expirienced you can use more polygons.
    But for beginning low polys are good.

    Meele Weapons
    We start like befor with the Background Image. Than goto side view,
    switch to Edit Mode & Wireframe view.

    Delete all vertecs expect 1 and place the left one where u want to start.
    Than Copy/Dupplicate vertics until uve got the shape.
    Since its a weapon that were doing we need the right aspect ratio.
    The Green area is where the Char grabs it (this is for Meele Weapons, for Ranged import a ranged weapon).

    When we are finished with the Shape, goto Top View and make sure its on the Green Line.
    (I dont do all Details of the Sword) Than Copy/Dupplicate it and put it a bit to the left or right.

    Now create the Faces, also check if there are wrong calculated insides/outsides.
    For now we are done with it. It should look like this:

    Next is the Blade.
    We start like always, copy/dupplicate a vertic and place it wher u want to start.
    Like we done it earlier we do now the Shape.

    To make it look like its sharp and not like a paper Copy/Dupplicate a Vertic and drag it into the middle.
    Than Switch to top view and move it a bit to the left also do one for the other side.
    Copy/Dupplicate them and move them down to the handle, we also need 2 Vertics on the thiner part of the blade.

    Now Create all Faces and check the inside/outside Calculation.
    Once done we go to scene -> scripting and select at the lower right panel UV Image Editor.
    Were loading our Texture and unwrap the Sword.

    When you are done it looks like that.
    (I used a own made texture again, its just a fast one, so no real details etc.)
    When you export it Choose Version 5 of the Gunz Exporter, otherwise u get a light show, lol)

    Hope u Enjoed it and that u learned something.
    Also i want to see some new Items/Weapons from now on ^^
    Yeah, thanks for reading and for your Time.
    Sorry for some missspells etc. my english is better at listening/understanding, not in the gramma Smile

    Credit to Blender and Phantom (not from here)


    Item Modeling [TUT] TIGHT

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