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[TUT] Making a Map part 1 - Basics and Settings Empty

    [TUT] Making a Map part 1 - Basics and Settings

    Gold Crown
    Gold Crown

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    [TUT] Making a Map part 1 - Basics and Settings Empty [TUT] Making a Map part 1 - Basics and Settings

    Post by Meow on Thu May 07, 2009 7:19 pm

    elcome Very Happy

    In this TuT I will attempt to teach unskilled mappers how to make something a little bit more complex this is only the first part of 2 parts to learn enough.

    So In this TuT I'll teach you the basics and important tips and settings.

    Well first off your gonna need gtk radiant and if you don't already have it go here and download the programs needed and follow the read-me.

    Now that you have this crucial program lets get should have already followed the program's read-me and set up your directory and gunz files, so now start gtk radiant.

    Alright now that it's loaded up let's set it up to get the best from it...go to edit and pick preferences. Now choose layout and at the top of the menu you should see pictures of boxes with xyz ect. in them choose the third from the left and press ok. Ok so now that you chose this I'll tell you what they are.

    xyz are coordinate planes which are basically used in every grid such as the one used in gtk.

    x = left to right y = up and down z = center to back or a 3rd dimension

    but in gtk to the mapper x looks like width and y looks like length while z looks like heigth.

    Ok before we go on heres a list of commands.

    F1 - Brings up the help menu
    Insert/Delete - Zooms in/out of a window
    Escape - Deselects any selected brushes/entities

    Shift-leftclick - This selects or deselects the brush/entity you click on
    Numpad keys - Changes the grid size
    ctrl-c - Copy the selected entity/brush
    ctrl-v - Paste the previously copied entity/brush
    t - Brings up the texture-picker.
    ctrl-shift-leftclick - Selects just the face of a brush (one at a time)
    ctrl-shift-alt-leftclick - Selects/Deselects the faces of a brush (as many as you want)
    d / c -Move the camera vertically

    In the next TuT I'll show you how to make a spike pit with a platform.

    Who ever make this lol.


    [TUT] Making a Map part 1 - Basics and Settings TIGHT
    Ruby Wand
    Ruby Wand

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    [TUT] Making a Map part 1 - Basics and Settings Empty Re: [TUT] Making a Map part 1 - Basics and Settings

    Post by Skittle on Fri May 08, 2009 4:42 pm

    Who ever make this lol.

    lols where'd u get this then? lawl shouldnt you know who it is?

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